Fellows Research Timeline

Fellows Research Timeline


Year 2001

Jun-01 Mr Robin Garrett-Cox The Grand Lodge of Freemasons 250th Anniversary Fund Freemasons’ Grand Lodge Novel therapeutic strategies for managing liver dysfunction caused by sepsis in neonates Jun-01 Mr Sion Glyn-Jones Freemasons Freemasons A randomised control trial of cross-linked polethylene Jun-01 Mr Ganesh Kuhan The Grand Lodge of Freemasons 250th

Year 2000

1999/2000 Mr James Moore Freemasons Fellowship Freemasons Sensory nerve involvement in detrusor instablity 1999/2000 Miss Emma Sidebotham Freemasons Fellowship Freemasons The development of the enteric nervous system: understanding intestinal aganglionosis 2000 Mr Luke Condon Freemasons Freemasons Identification of genes with prognostic value in HNSCC 2000 Mr Andrew Martin Freemasons Freemasons

Year 1999

1998/99 Mr Philip Cowburn Freemasons Fellowship Freemasons Sequential bilateral pallidotomy for Parkinsons Disease 1998/99 Mr Robert Fisher The Grand Lodge Freemasons’ fellowship Freemasons’ Grand Lodge Flow mechanics at the distal anastomosis of infrainguinal bypass grafts 1998/99 Mr Arthur Stephen Freemasons’ Research Fellowship Freemasons Osteoporosis in sheep-farming men in the UK:


1997/98 Mr Thomas Carrell Freemasons’ Fellowship Freemasons Proteases in abdominal aortic aneurysm 1997/98 Dr Simon Grange Freemasons’ Research Fellowship Freemasons Exeter virtual worlds shoulder arthroscopy simulator

Fellows Research Projects History

1996/97 Mr Peter Hutchinson Freemasons’ Research Fellowship Freemasons The application of micodialysis to multimodality monitoring in neurointesive care

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