Fellows Research Timeline

Fellows Research Timeline


Year 2011

Jul-11 Mr Laurence (Max) Almond Freemason’ Research Fellowship Freemasons Towards endoscopic Raman spectroscopy for early diagnosis of Barrett’s neoplasia Jul-11 Miss Ming He Grand Lodge Freemasons’ 250th Anniversary Fund Freemasons’ Grand Lodge Tissue engineering of the kidney using a whole organ decellularisation approach Jul-11 Mr Angelos Kolias Freemasons’ Fund for

Year 2010

Jun-10 Mr William Dawes Freemasons’ Grand Lodge 250th Anniversary Fund Research Fellowship with support from the Rosetrees Trust Freemasons’ Grand Lodge Neural Stem Cells as therapeutic targets in Germinal Matrix Haemorrhage Jun-10 Mr Timothy Jones Joint RCS/Freemasons’ Fellowship Freemasons’ Novel MRI-DTI segmentation algorithm for tumour diagnosis and delineation

Year 2009

Jun-09 Miss Jessica Evans Freemasons’ Grand Lodge 250th Anniversary Fund Fellowship Freemasons’ Grand Lodge Optimum timing for surgery after pre-operative radiotherapy Jun-09 Mr Satoshi Hori Freemasons Grand Lodge 250th Anniversary Fund Research Fellowship Freemasons’ Grand Lodge The role of Similar Expression to FGF (Sef) in growth factor signalling in prostate

Year 2008

Jun-08 Mr Matthew Gardiner Freemasons’ Grand Lodge 250th Anniversary Fund Fellowship Freemasons’ Grand Lodge How does aggrecanase-selective TIMP-3 protect cartilage in osteoarthritis? Jun-08 Mr Paul Nankivell Freemasons Grand Lodge 250th Anniversary Fund Fellowship Freemasons’ Grand Lodge Improving pronostication and management of oral dysplasia Jun-08 Mr Nishith Patel Freemasons’ Grand Lodge

Year 2007

Jul-07 Mr Stephen Goode Grand Lodge 250th Anniversary fund & 5k Rosetrees Freemasons’ Grand Lodge, Rosetrees Validating BOLD fMRI as a clinical tool in patients with Carotid Artery Disease Jul-07 Mr Adnan Sheikh Grand Lodge 250th Anniverary Fund & 5k Rosetrees Freemasons Grand Lodge, Rosetrees Cross-talk between pancreatic cancer cells

Year 2006

Jun-06 Mr Vaibhav Agrawal *Gone to Freemasons to consider* ? Freemasons Delivery of gene therapy using ex vivo microvascular free flaps. Jun-06 Miss Rosamond Jacklin Rosetrees Foundation and Grand Lodge 250th Anniversary Fund Freemasons Grand Lodge An investigation of Surgical Decision Making Jun-06 Mr Nicholas Smith Grand Lodge 250th Anniversary

Year 2005

Jun-05 Mr Joseph Dawson Freemasons’ Research Fellow Freemasons The role of lipid lowering on inflammation and stem cells in aortic aneurysms (vascular) Jun-05 Mr Ben Horner Freemasons’ Surgical Research Fellowship Freemasons Making reconstruction with transplantation a reality (plastic) Jun-05 Mr Christian Macutkiewicz Freemasons Surgical Research Fellowship Freemasons Role of the

Year 2004

Jun-04 Miss Caroline Harrison Freemasons’ Surgical Fellowship with support from the Rosetrees Trust  (£20k FM, £3k Rosetrees) Freemasons, Rosetrees Use of tissue-engineered skin to investigate skin graft contraction (plastic) Jun-04 Mr Reza Motallebzadeh RCS/Freemasons Research Fellowship (+3k Rosetrees) Freemasons, Rosetrees Neurocognitive outcome and microemboli in off-pump and on-pump cardiac surgery

Year 2003

Jun-03 Miss Susannah Shore Freemasons Freemasons Identification of autoantibodies in pancreatic cancer using a proteomics approach (colorectal cancer) Jun-03 Mr Jonathan Trickett Freemasons Freemasons A microarray approach to detect chromosome 18q deletions in colonic tumours (colorectal) Jun-03 Mr Stuart Winter Freemasons’ Surgical Research Fellowship with support from the Rosetrees Trust

Year 2002

Jun-02 Mr Gary Atkin Freemasons’ 150th Anniversary Fund Freemasons Investigation of angiogenesis and hypoxia in rectal cancer Jun-02 Miss Caroline Moore Freemasons’ Surgical Research Fellowship Freemasons’ Photodynamic therapy for prostate cancer Jun-02 Mr Andrew Weale Freemasons Fellowship Freemasons’ An intestinal transplant model to study mucosal responses to food antigen

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