Surgical research saves and improves the lives of patients in need

The Freemasons’ Fund For Surgical Research

The Freemasons’ Fund for Surgical Research (FFSR) is a charitable organisation that provides grants to Research Fellows of the Royal College of Surgeons (RCS England) to pursue groundbreaking research projects.

With over 50 years of history, the FFSR has played a vital role in supporting innovative research that might not have received funding otherwise.

The FFSR, funded entirely by Freemasons, has donated over £5.9 million to the RCS England since 1967, with the current value of the fund being approximately £7 million. The fund’s mission is to support the RCS England’s clinical research and contribute to the advancement of surgical knowledge and patient care.


Of the fund has been donated by Freemasons


Donated in 1967 when the appeal was first launched


Donated in 2014 by Royal Arch Companions to mark their bicentenary


Donated since 1967 to the RCS England

Changing Lives with Surgical Research

Research allows new techniques and technologies to be developed, evaluated and implemented into clinical practice as quickly and safely as possible. Furthermore, research has a role to play in improving processes and the way healthcare teams work to enhance patient recovery and maximise the efficiency of healthcare delivery, reducing NHS costs.

Supporting our Work

Prudent investment over the years has preserved the capital value of the Fund but it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain it in the current financial market and in the meantime the cost of supporting Fellowships increases at a faster rate than inflation.

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