Jun-04 Miss Caroline Harrison Freemasons’ Surgical Fellowship with support from the Rosetrees Trust  (£20k FM, £3k Rosetrees) Freemasons, Rosetrees Use of tissue-engineered skin to investigate skin graft contraction (plastic)
Jun-04 Mr Reza Motallebzadeh RCS/Freemasons Research Fellowship (+3k Rosetrees) Freemasons, Rosetrees Neurocognitive outcome and microemboli in off-pump and on-pump cardiac surgery (cardiothoracic)
Jun-04 Mr Richard Shaw Freemasons (20k received). Will finish 8th June 06 as 1 mth in USA 17/11/05-17/12/06 to be paid by DoH. Freemasons Longitudinal genetic analysis of plasma DNA and prognosis in oral carcinoma (oral & max)

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